Why Is The American MSM Misreporting On The New Epstein FIles Release?

When a sitting member of Congress is doing more than the American media to share the story about the recent release of new information in the Jeffrey Epstein-Donald Trump files, the biggest question should be WHY?

California Rep. Ted Lieu scolded the press on Wednesday for not moving on from the June 27th debate, telling them they should report on the files because "Donald Trump is all over this."

And how did our media respond? 

By calling the story "old" and saying there's "no new information" connecting Trump and Epstein.

Meanwhile, here's Trump's name in an excerpt from the newly-released testimony given by two of his child victims.

  The BBC's article from last week lays it all out.  

So why are formerly trustworthy outlets like Business Insider and the Washington Post running stories negating the new information?

Seriously, WHY?

And it's not just this story. The foreign press is doing a far better job covering American politics than our own media. 

And they're further dividing Democrats. 

There is no statute of limitations on raping children, so calling the Epstein story "old" is to enable pedophilia. 

Meanwhile, the MSM is still pushing the weeks-old Biden debate narrative, with far more stories about the President's health--hi, manufactured Parkinson's scandal!--which itself has been debunked.

I reported yesterday on a new study that determined the debate itself did essentially nothing to move the needle when it came to voter support.

It was the first questions from the media post-debate that started the whole "Is Joe too old?" narrative. Before that, fairweather rich white male Democrats like George Clooney and Stephen Colbert were hosting the President at each of his record-shattering fundraisers on opposite coasts. 

It's up to us to continue to put pressure on the MSM to tell the truth about convicted felon adjudicated rapist who also raped children. I know it's hard to say, but there's no other way to say it.