New Report Reveals Biden Debate Discussion is a Bogus Media Fabrication

On Monday, I wrote about how Democrats need to move on from the debate and refocus their energy on defeating the convicted felon adjudicated rapist Friend of Epstein

As I've been saying all along, it turns out that one meh debate performance is not the sole indicator of who  President Joe Biden is, and it doesn't matter at all when you look at his first term full of historic accomplishments.

And now, it looks like it was a bs media campaign all along trying to sink the Biden-Harris campaign.

Politicus USA shared the results of a new multi-university research project on Wednesday which found that the debate had no impact on voter preferences.

The project, called CHIP50, includes Northeastern University, Harvard University, Rutgers University, and the University of Rochester. 

Their data also found that President Biden is actually doing a better job of holding on to his supporters after the debate than Trump.

According to their results, "Overall, 94% of those who chose Biden and 86% of those who chose Trump in our May survey still preferred the same candidate after the debate.

There was a small rate of change from Biden to Trump or vice versa– less than 3% shifted in either direction. We observed more churn between those who favored either Biden or Trump and the “Other” category.

About 4% of Biden’s and 6% of Trump’s supporters in the earlier wave shifted to “Other” post-debate. At the same time, 6% of “Other” shifted to Biden, and another 6% shifted to Trump."

Therefore, there really isn't any statistical support for the claim that voters have abandoned Joe Biden or that there's some urgent need for Democrats to replace their nominee.

There are a bunch of very rich white men in positions of privilege still calling for Joe Biden to drop out, and they need to zip it all up.

Rob Reiner, Stephens Colbert and King, George Clooney, and other rich white dudes who won't be impacted by Project 2025 at all are calling for Joe Biden--again, the most successful President since the 1960's--to step down and be replaced by *checks notes* nobody with a track record like his.

Meanwhile, Trump not only had yet another unhinged meltdown last night in Florida, he's having another one at Mar-A-Lago as I write this. NO ONE is talking about his disastrous rally or the Epstein Files (except a few House Democrats). 

So please, stop helping the MSM help Trump, and help us keep our freedom instead of just letting fascists take over because Joe Biden had one bad night.