Whoopi Goldberg Rips Trump Over 'Black Church' Stunt

Over the last few weeks, Donald Trump and his campaign have seemed focused on courting minority voters, holding rallies in areas he previously ignored, like the Bronx. This weekend, the former President held a rally in a Black church in Detroit. 

Republicans quickly attempted to paint the appearance falsely. Kellyanne Conway claimed that 8,000 people were there despite plenty of empty pews. And as videos of the event emerged, it was clear that most of the people listening to the speech in the Black Church were White Trump supporters. 

During Monday's edition of The View, host Whoopi Goldberg attacked Trump not just for his event at the church, but over his outreach to Black voters. She began

"So one of the biggest crooks in the country, and by that, 34 counts is what I'm talking about. Convicted felon is telling Black people that people coming for their jobs. This is the narrative that is being pushed to Black voters. And they keep saying, you know, Black people are going to him."

The host then noted that Trump and his campaign aren't being honest about the actual event, saying, "Can we look at the church? Can we get a visual of the church? Now, I'm not sure that most of these people even knew where that church was before they knew he was coming there."

Watch a clip of the segment here