WATCH: Morning Joe Goes Over Donald Trump's Increasing Cognitive Problem

Since the two men took each other on in 2020, Donald Trump and those close to him have talked breathlessly about Joe Biden's cognitive abilities. When the current President has proven that he is still sharp, the same can't be said for his Republican opponent. 

It is incredibly important for Donald Trump to feel the adulation of his fans, he is doing his campaign no favors while on the campaign trail. This weekend was again filled with gaffes and bad moments for the 45th President. During their Monday morning show, the Morning Joe panel discussed how it went for Trump. 

Trump's worse moment was getting Ronny Jackson's name wrong. The former President called the former White House Doctor, now a MAGA congressman, Ronny Johnson. Scarborough remarked, "Who's Ronnie Johnson? Person, man, woman, horse, Ronny Johnson."

The host would later continue:

"You know, the thing is too, it's getting really more obvious, that they have, the Trump campaign understands they have a serious problem with Donald Trump on facts, on issues, on you name it. Because they have to keep engaging in cheap fakes to make Joe Biden look bad; they've done it this weekend, the past several weeks."

Mika Brzezinski then jumped in, "I mean, they're grasping in many different ways. But I think that's Trump being Trump, getting names wrong and getting information wrong and I don't think he cares."