WATCH: WA Post's Carol Leonnig Explains How Meadow's Flip Could Hurt Multiple GOP Leaders

In his business and political career, Donald Trump has been able to find people willing to take the fall for him. Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, and Allan Weisselberg, the former Trump Org. CFO are two prime examples. Both of those men, however, had decades-long relationships with the former President. 

Mark Meadows is something different. He only knew Trump for a handful of years. And now it appears that Meadows' immunity deal with the Department of Justice could have a major impact on the GOP. 

Speaking with MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, the Washington Post's Carol Leonning explained, "We have seen texts and exchanges that Mark Meadows had with people in the White House counsel's office and other lawyers in which he made fun of the claim that there was an election that had been stolen."

The report continued:

"If he's acknowledging that those were false, it reveals to most of us reporters who have been covering this for a long time that the jig is up for a host of other Republican leaders who have been trading on this story, to stay connected to voters, that they think are riled up about this. To stay connected to a group of people that they are misleading in order to get their votes. People who gobble up conspiracy theories, distrust the government, and can be loosely misled and led astray."

Leonnig closed, "But it will be really interesting to watch what happens for other Republican leaders who have insisted that the election was stolen. Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, a host of people, many of whom are closely tied to Mark Meadows and Donald Trump."