WATCH: View Hosts Mock Trumpers Who Complain About Inflation But Buy His $400 Shoes

This weekend, Donald Trump appeared at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia to unveil his new Trump-branded sneakers. The hideous shoes were available to purchase for anywhere from $200 to $400. 

Since there are plenty of Trump supporters happy to have the former President separate them from their money, the shoes sold briskly. The hosts of The View discussed how eager the MAGA world was to put up so much money for what is sure to be incredibly low-quality sneakers. 

"The other thing about it, these sneakers, for example, these people buying them, how much are they," Joy Behar began. "That's a complete — these are the same people who complain gas is too high, and they have money for these tacky sneakers?"

Whoopi Goldberg then weighed, "Let them buy what they want. They're running down the street because they think they got a good hour run to do, and it starts coming off their feet because it falls apart like a $2 you know.."

Behar followed, "Someone I know said I'll buy it because it will be worth money down the line, maybe 100 years or so. But even Hitlerian stuff doesn't sell."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of ABC: