WATCH: Jon Stewart Trashes Tucker Carlson on the Daily Show

Jon Stewart has never been much of a fan of Tucker Carlson. The comedian famously belittled Carlson during an appearance on his Crossfire show in the early 2000's. 

The two men have experienced plenty of change over the past year. Carlson went from being Fox's top personality to having to start his own pay for news service. Stewart, who took several years off, is now hosting the Daily Show every Monday night until the election. 

What hasn't changed is Stewart's disdain for Carlson. And he didn't hold back when talking about the former Fox host's trip to Russia and his interview with Vladimir Putin. The Daily Show host said of the interview:

"It’s not really a straight face so much as you try to convey a mixture of what appears to be shame, arousal and I’m gonna say irregularity. For instance, like you’re constipated while jerking off to a Sears catalogue."

Stewart also commented on Carlson saying he was 'radicalized' against America when a grocery order only cost $104 in Russia, "Radicalized! And it will radicalize you ― unless you understand basic economics. See, $104 for groceries sounds like a great bargain unless you realize Russians earn less than $200 a week."

The host closed, "But here’s the reality. You f*cking know all this because you aren’t as dumb as your face would have us believe."