WATCH: Steve Bannon Claims Fox News is Television for Stupid People

During a recent episode of his show, Steve Bannon slammed the Fox News network as TV for stupid people. 

Donald Trump could have never become the President of the United States if it wasn't for Fox News. The news network constantly ran cover for him, downplaying the seriousness of his constant controversies. 

But today the relationship between the man and the network isn't as rosy. Fox head Rupert Murdoch seems eager to move on from Trump. Steve Bannon, who once ran Trump's campaign, criticized the network on Friday. 

"And all they (Fox) want you to be is dumb," he began. "Remember, they're Mitch McConnell's biggest backers. They're Paul, Paul Ryan’s on the board, does that tell you enough? And for Trump, just remember, and Trump knows this, and there he still says, he says I wish him well and everything. That shows you the class of Donald Trump. That shows you the class of Donald Trump, and it infuriates me that people, the Murdochs think they can't get away with it, they're not gonna get away with it."

Bannon continued, "It’s TV for stupid people. Their entire thing is to drill you with Republican talking points to dumb you down and follow Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, McCarthy, everything."