WATCH: Willie Geist Refers To Rudy Giuliani as "America's Deadbeat"

During Friday morning's episode of Morning Joe, Willie Geist referred to scandal-plagued Rudy Giuliani as America's deadbeat. 

Few figures in recent history have experienced the kind of fall Giuliani has. Once one of the most popular lawmakers in America and a potential presidential candidate, the former New York City mayor is facing a sexual harassment suit and has mounting legal bills connected to his work for Donald Trump. 

The Morning Joe panel discussed Giuliani's issues this morning with Joe Scarborough noting, "It's -- I don't -- you know, I don't know if he faces prison if he faces bankruptcy if he faces additional charges. Again, it's just from all directions, and this is the cost, of course, when you turn your life over to Donald Trump."

Geist then weighed in, "Yeah, America's deadbeat. It appears. he can't pay any of his legal bills. He's on the hook now for these women in Georgia, who he clearly and explicitly defamed, Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman, owes them a bunch of money -- it's only just beginning."

The co-host continued, "It was all fun and games until the indictments started coming down, when he was playing along with Donald Trump, doing whatever he said around the 2020 election, around January 6th. He had prominence, and relevance, and was on TV all the time. Now, for people around Donald Trump, the bill is coming due."