WATCH: Sean Hannity Irate That Whoopi Goldberg Tried to Tell People the Truth About 4 Years Ago

Four years ago, Americans were miserably battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite thousands dying from the illness each month, Donald Trump continuously told his supporters that concerns about the virus were overblown and that he was doing a great job. 

On the stump now, Trump conveniently forgets about how bad off Americans were back then and how horribly he mismanaged the pandemic. Whoopi Goldberg reminded her viewers about how bad those times were, and Sean Hannity took issue with her comments. 

Goldberg asked during a recent episode of The View, "So why is it some people are having short memory issues? There are plenty of other reasons to feel good about where we actually are. Why isn’t that tracking?"

The host continued, "And all you have to do is to ask 'Are we better off than we were?'" she said. "Ask the thousands of people who are no longer here."

An irate Hannity didn't attempt to counter the View hosts claims because there's no way that he could really do so. Instead, he said to his viewers, "Whoopi Goldberg is accusing you of having memory issues for believing you were better off four years ago."

Of course, the Fox host failed the remind his viewers that four years ago they were locked in their houses and worried that their friends and neighbors could die.