WATCH: Frank Figliuzzi Wonders How Trump Would Respond to People Threatening Barron

At this point, there is nothing Donald Trump could possibly do that would upset his supporters. Over the last two weeks, the former President has repeatedly attacked the daughter of Juan Merchan, a judge overseeing a New York-based case. 

The judge has issued increasingly severe gag orders on Trump, though the 45th President hasn't stopped his actions. Dean Obeidallah and Frank Figliuzzi recently discussed Trump's actions on an episode of Obeidallah's show. 

Figliuzzi told the host, "this is a legit concern. And I don’t know what human decency is left in our society anymore, but the idea of attacking a judge’s daughter just because she’s the judge’s daughter, or even even let’s assume whatever he’s got in his head about her political affiliation or whatever. What? What’s the point of that? What, what is the point of that?"

The National Security Contributor continued:

"And if you turn the tables around, if you’re a decent human being and you say “Would I want, my kid attacked publicly in this environment, violent threat environment we’re in?”.

How do you feel about Ivanka or Barron? How about Barron being threatened? How do you feel about that, Don? You know, we’re in a realm where civility and decency has long been thrown out the window. So I think it’s a no-brainer, Dean, that the judge will extend the, the gag order and to include everybody’s family members."