WATCH: Rick Wilson Predicts Trump Will 'Unleash His Crazies On The Country' If He Captures White House

Over the course of his life and business career, Donald Trump has always had people to get him out of bad situations. Sometimes it was his Dad who bailed him out, sometimes he used his money to get out of a fix and sometimes he just slid through. 

Trump is now facing a litany of court cases and is having trouble sliding out of them. And he is starting to act like a wild animal who has been cornered. And he is desperate to solve his problems by getting back in the White House. During an interview with MSNBC, Rick Wilson predicted the former President will soon unleash his most ardent supporters on the country. 

The former Republican strategist told Katie Phang, "He is going to use the power of the state. All my libertarian friends should be paying attention: the power of the state to achieve his personal, political vengeance on people who he believes have wronged him."

Wilson continued, "This is not America, to quote David Bowie. This is something much darker and much different and much more dangerous. We have to pay attention to it, we have to listen to it."

The political pundit closed, "If he's, back he's going to cause enormous damage in this country to individuals, groups, political opponents at every level and every scale. The people around him this time will not be restrained by grown-ups or adults or establishment Washington types. It going to all be the crazies. They are going to go absolutely wild with this guy, and he's going to let them do it."