WATCH: GOP Gov. Who Praised Vivek Ramaswamy Now Calls Him Embarrassing

Chris Sununu, the Republican Governor of New Hampshire, is an important voice in the GOP. As the popular Governor of a Blue State, he represents the kind of Moderate Republican that is hard to find in today's Republican party. 

Sununu is on the record as being no fan of Donald Trump and has been hoping for a candidate to come and replace him. Earlier on in the primary season, he thought that person might be Vivek Ramaswamy. But he appears to have changed his mind. 

During an appearance on CNN, host Poppy Harlow played a July clip of the New Hampshire Governor saying of Ramaswamy, "He gets people excited on stage. I think he has to bring a little more other than being the other anti-woke guy." The host then asked, "Did he bring more? You have seen three debates now. Still impressed?"

"He brought more, but it was enough to tell me he ain't the guy to be president," said Sununu. "Look, I think the third debate, this last debate, was just embarrassing for him more than anything. He tried hard to be kind of an anti-establishment outrageous-type character, but he proved that he doesn't have the temperament for the job."

The New Hampshire lawmaker continued:

"If you are running for President of the United States, act like you have been there," Sununu added. "He tried to take shots at Nikki Haley. They were personal. You don't go after somebody's family, daughter like that. That's a cheap shot. Nobody watched that and said, now I am with Vivek. He lost ground and proved he doesn't have the temperament for it."