WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Explains How Conservative Media Using 'Fakes' to Give Trump Cover

Now that he is done with his trial in New York, Donald Trump is again hitting the campaign trail. That isn't necessarily a good thing. Each weekend, the former President creates new gaffes that populate all over the internet. 

The RNC and its media arm can see that Trump is everything they claim Biden is: forgetful, addled and not up for the job of President. Instead of acknowledging Trump's massive issues, they use their power to create controversies about Biden. The Morning Joe panel addressed this tactic on Tuesday morning. 

Joe Scarborough began, "Am I shocked that the story and a couple of stories have gotten to the Wall Street Journal like the day after Andrew Ross Sorkin reports that Donald Trump was just out of his mind and people were laughing at him and group of CEOs the next morning, you know?"

The host continued, "You got the Wall Street Journal going, CEOs love Donald Trump coming out of the -- no, it's just not true. I'm so shocked. I'm shocked by so few things in the political realm any more, the media realm, that I hate to say it, but I will say, yes, I am shocked and that is the the Wall Street Journal."

Panelist Eugene Robinson then weighed in, "I'm not any believer in conspiracies, but I do believe in coordination and, boy, this parachute thing was so coordinated. "

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: