CNN Legal Analyst on Bannon's Pleas to Avoid Prison: Nobody Cares

Steve Bannon has known he is going to prison for many months now. Still, the former Trump advisor has talked tough on his daily show, painting himself as a martyr and a warrior for Donald Trump and the Conservative movement. 

Behind the scenes, though, Bannon has been doing everything he can to avoid his sentence which starts on July 1st. During a Monday segment on CNN,  Elie Honig discussed the Republican strategists troubles and didn't show him much sympathy. 

Host Kaitlan Collins asked the legal expert, "Can I please get your take on what Bannon’s attorneys said in a filing to the D.C. U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals? Basically saying that he shouldn’t have to go to prison July 1 because then he would be behind bars for the four-month period leading up to the election. They said this would effectively bar Mr. Bannon from serving as a meaningful adviser and the ongoing national campaign. Do courts care about that?"

Honig responded bluntly to the question:

"Nobody cares. And it’s not relevant at all. And let me just explain to people why Steve Bannon is out of prison, even as of this moment. So, he was convicted at trial, people will remember. He was sentenced to four months and then he was given the courtesy of bail pending appeal, which means you get to stay out until your appeals are over, so long as you can show you have a substantial chance of winning on appeal. He’s now lost his appeal."