WATCH: Mika Brzezinski Explains How MAGA Christians are Being Duped by Donald Trump

There are many Christians around the country, especially Evangelical Christians, who paint Donald Trump to be a savior. Despite this fact, Trump is an irreligious man who spent Easter attacking his enemies on social media and not going to church. He's even running a grift based on the faith of his supporters, selling Bibles for $60.

On Monday morning, the panel from Morning Joe discussed how the former President has been able to hoodwink these people. Mika Brzezinski opined:

"Donald Trump spent another religious holiday posting on Truth Social 77 times -- sometimes unhinged, sometimes nonsensical, lots of all-caps, definitely very mean -- on Easter. The presumptive 2024 Republican nominee went after his perceived enemies all day. Among his many posts, one in all caps, blasting the 'evil and sick' prosecutors looking to hold him accountable for his alleged crimes. He also shared two far-right news articles: One titled 'The Crucifixion of Donald Trump' and the other calling him a miracle and the Chosen One sent by God."

The host then turned to her guest Chris Matthews, and asked of the former President, "I'm just curious, with this man whose every day is a miserable march to what God-fearing Christians would call hell... why is this lost on people who love Jesus and follow the message of Jesus?"

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: