WATCH: Reince Priebus Explains How NBC Should Have Handled Ronna McDaniel Situation

NBC created a crisis for the network with the hiring of Ronna McDaniel. None of MSNBC's hosts were interested in working with the former head of the Republican National Committee. The network moved quickly to fire McDaniel bu6 was widely mocked or how it handled the situation. 

On Sunday, Reince Priebus, who once ran the RNC, appeared on ABC's This Week and was asked about how MSNBC handled the conversation. 

The former RNC head began, "The case on Ronna that I find to be obvious for someone like me, who’s a contributor here, I’ve been at other places. I’ve never been hired without the management bringing me in, meeting with people, doing interviews where I wasn’t on a signed contract, finding out whether I could get off the talking points or not."

He continued, "The root of the problem is that the management never brought her in, before the contract was signed, so that all of this stuff could get worked out. And that was a huge failure in my opinion."

Priebus closed, "Well, first of all, I mean, my take on it is that a candidate has every right to bring challenges, cases, you know, things that they didn’t think went well in the election, recounts if close enough under state law, but once the cases are over, once you go through that process, it’s done whether you like the outcome or not."