WATCH: Legal Expert Explains How Jenna Ellis Could Sink Trump in Georgia

Donald Trump's team that he formed to contest the 2020 election results weren't the best legal minds in the country. The 'strike force' included people like Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis. 

Those lawyers are all now involved in the state of Georgia's case against the former President. Sidney Powell has already taken a plea deal. Rudy Giuliani is having issues paying his legal bills. And according to legal expert Gwen Keyes, Jenna Ellis' testimony could really hurt her former boss. 

Now we know that during her testimony, Jenna Ellis noted that Trump aide Dan Scavino said that the former president would refuse to leave the White House.  Keyes told MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell, "Now, you have from quite nearly the horse's mouth saying, Jenna Ellis, who's not like, you know Hakeem Jeffries or some lefty, she was in on all of the coup plots and conspiracy, Trumpista as anyone."

The legal expert continued, "This is where the date is really important, Lawrence. Jenna Ellis said that that conversation with Scavino happened on Dec 19th. That's after the safe harbor deadline to resolve state election disputes and certify the election, which was Dec 8th. It's also after the date that the electors met to cast their vote, which is Dec 14th."

Keyes closed her comments:

"So, all of this together paints a really damaging picture for Donald Trump. I can say that I have never been to any Christmas parties where a topic of conversation is whether a sitting president is going to completely disregard the results of an election, but evidently, that is what happened in the Trump White House."