WATCH: Chris Cuomo Calls Out Vivek Ramaswamy For Getting His 'A** Kicked' by Nikki Haley During Debates

A brash businessman with no political experience, Vivek Ramaswamy is seeking the Republican nomination for President. Ramaswamy has earned fans among Republican voters by being obnoxious during debates and talking over the other candidates. 

The problem for Ramaswamy is that despite his willingness to talk, he doesn't have much of a handle on the issues. Last night, the candidate went on News Nation for an interview with Chris Cuomo. 

The men immediately began to argue with Ramaswamy taking shots at the host for his brother Andrew Cuomo's resignation as the Governor of New York. Cuomo then responded, "Nikki Haley keeps kicking your ass in these debates. Why go at her? Pick someone else."

The Republican candidate shot back, "According to the left-wing media. Chris, give me a freaking break. You turn on social media, you understand. People should watch that debate. I went to New Hampshire, people were laughing at the idea of the mainstream media’s coverage, or the New York Times columnists and people like you who belong there with one narrative because you have some identity politic vision of what you think a leader of this country should look like."

Ramaswamy continued, "Well the fact of the matter is you guys have made a career out of deciding that the America First agenda is not the future of this country. Kick that out of the Republican Party, put a genteel version that you can control as your little puppet, so American politics looks the way you want it to."