WATCH: Lara Trump Says Joe Biden is Running For President To Avoid Going to Prison

Projection has become a hallmark of today's Republican party. At any time a GOP lawmaker is accused of something, they and their surrogates quickly turn to accusing a Democrat of doing the same thing. 

Lara Trump, Eric's wife, regularly appears on cable news, acting as a mouthpiece for the family. And she mad a pretty wild claim last night on Newsmax last night. 

Trump was reacting to recent comments from Joe Biden where he said he might not be running for President if Trump wasn't running. When asked to respond, Lara Trump said:

"It's very interesting to hear Joe Biden say, I guess, that the only reason he's decided to run is because of Donald Trump. Is that because he thinks Donald Trump might investigate his family even further? You know, you look at this situation with Hunter Biden. I think a lot of people may draw some correlation there. The only reason Joe Biden is trying to hold onto power is that his family depends on him."

Trump continued, "It's very interesting, this is nothing new. It's part of them trying to continue to coverup that we know is happening. It's part of the politics that we know is happening here in the United States of America. We know very well that Donald Trump is not a dictator, of course."