WATCH: Joy Behar Has a Theory as to Why Conservative Men Don't Like Kamala Harris

After Donald Trump gave Kamala Harris a new nickname. Joy Behar unveiled a theory as to why MAGA men would be against women like Kamala Harris. 

At this point, Donald Trump is unsure of who he'll face in the looming election. There are many calls for President Joe Biden to drop out of the race and if there isn't a mini-primary it would likely be Kamala Harris replacing him. 

When Trump knows that he will be in a race against someone, he normally gives them a stupid nickname. For Harris, his is using the name Laffin' Kamala. The ladies of The View discussed the moniker on Wednesday. 

Joy Behar opined

"What really ticks me off about him though is this laughing Kamala remark. It’s such a sexist remark because a guy I was with over the weekend, a friend of mine, said, ‘Kamala’s laugh annoys me.’ Remember they said that about Hillary [Clinton]’s laugh, that she was cackling. And men, you know, they don’t like a funny woman. They’re afraid if you laugh or you make a joke that maybe you’ll do that when they’re in bed with you. It’s like this fear, this fear of women laughing and comedy."

Sunny Hostin then weighed in saying that it is clear that Trump is scared of Harris being his opponent. Behar followed, "You smell fear when he comes up with a name for somebody."