Trump VP Hopeful JD Vance Caught Lying About His Affiliation With Project 2025

Cravenly opportunistic Ohio Senator and eyeliner enthusiast J.D. Vance really wants to be Donald Trump's VP pick, and he doesn't care how many lies he has to tell to be the anointed one.

Vance, the author of the controversial (meaning, a lot of it was made up) memoir Hillbilly Elegy, was a staunch critic of Trump's in 2016 and spoke truthfully about how awful a Trump presidency would be:

Hillbilly Effigy went back and deleted all of his anti-Trump tweets in 2022 once he decided to run for Senate in Ohio as a Republican and learned he couldn't win without MAGA, but screenshots are forever.

Now Vance is gunning (literally) to be Donald Trump's VP pick. Aside from aligning himself with a convicted felon awaiting sentencing while still facing three more trials, Vance now finds himself in the unenviable position of dealing with two breaking scandals that could end his bid before it can begin.

Trump's connection to Project 2025, combined with the explosive new Jeffrey Epstein story that the American MSM is FINALLY picking up on, now puts him at even more of a disadvantage. 

The presumptive GOP nominee has not been seen in public for a full eleven days now, with no explanation coming from his campaign. I reached out to Trump's office via email to ask where he is, but strangely, no one there wants to reply. 

I wonder why.

Earlier this week, Vance appeared on "Meet the Press" and lied to host Kristen Welker when he told her he "didn't have any affiliation" with the Heritage Foundation, the hateful cultist cabal looking to set our country back to Biblical times. 

Except he totally does. Imagine a MAGA liar lying to a member of the media! Shocking, I know. This is from last year. 

If JD Vance can't remember doing this, maybe he has some neurological issues and he should step aside to give someone else a chance at his Senate seat. Maybe we should demand a dementia and memory test, huh?

It's a weird pattern with Trumpublicans. They all say they have nothing to do with Project 2025, but they all do.

Between this lie and the Jeffrey Epstein story, JD Vance is openly supporting the rape of children and the destruction of America under a second Trump regime. 

The question is, why? I guess we'll never know, because my several calls and an email to Vance's office remain unreturned at press time.