WATCH: Jonathan Lemire Explains How Trump is Destroying his Campaign

Back in 2016, Donald Trump at least had some experienced political operators around to try to keep his worst instincts at bay. Anyone competent who worked with Trump, though, is by now long gone. 

In 2024, Trump is both fighting several court cases and also seeking the Republican nomination. And it seems like the former President is just saying and doing and typing whatever pops into his mind. 

Jonathan Lemire said of Trump's recent actions:

"It may not be until the spring or summer when Americans start paying attention because right now most Americans aren't. They are simply not paying attention. When they do, the [President Joe] Biden camp believes even if they're lukewarm on the president, have reservations about his age, whatever it might be, they'll not want to go back to the chaos of Donald Trump."

The MSNBC host continued, "The people simply haven't heard Donald Trump in a while, he's become background noise. And his reach is so much smaller than it used to be."

Lemire closed, "The crazy doesn't break through because it is confined. Confined to the conservative news media space and when it starts breaking through to the wider public and Americans start listening, the Biden campaign believes his numbers will go down, and that's to their advantage."