WATCH: Jay Leno Says Hes Not a Fan of Trump, Praises Biden during Piers Morgan Interview

As the host of The Tonight Show from 1992-2014, Jay Leno had one of the most sought-after jobs in show business. Since leaving the show, the comedian has mostly stayed under the radar. 

Leno sat for an interview recently with Piers Morgan recently and the issue of politics came up. Despite desperate attempts from the host to get Leno to say something nice about Trump, the comedian wasn't interested. 

When asked about his memories of Trump as a talk show guest, Leno responded, "He was fine. He was an interesting character. He was a television character. Exactly what you want for TV. You know, somebody that kind of irritates some people and amuses others, and that’s fine. I liked him then. I actually did a couple of jobs for him. I just, you know, this January 6th business and all this other thing, and it’s sort of gets a little much."

After Leno said he wasn't a fan of Trump, the host attempted to get his guest to say something negative about Biden. Instead, Leno responded:

"Look, I’m a fan. I like the man. I’ve known him for years. I had him on when he ran in ’88, you know? So, to me, no, I like him. I think he’s a good guy. And, you know, the economy’s doing pretty good! I mean, that’s something Trump said today. He hopes the economy tanks!"