WATCH: Jamie Raskin Explains How Supreme Court is Under the Spell of Trump

During his four years in office, Donald Trump appointed four justices to the Supreme Court and hoped this would get him out of trouble one day. It did recently when the court overruled a Colorado decision to remove Trump from the state's ballot. 

On Monday afternoon, CNN interviewed Rep. Jamie Raskin, a former Harvard law professor, about the decision. The lawmaker believed that Trump's presence was affecting the group's decision-making. 

Raskin told Dana Bash:

"Let me go to your original point about the Supreme Court kicking everything to Congress. I think it only does that when it doesn't like the ultimate inescapable implications of just enforcing the Constitution as written. That's what's happening in this case, but when you take like the Voting Rights Act, for example, in Shelby county v. Holder, the Supreme Court decided to take up the Voting Rights Act and then cut the heart out of it, dismantling the pre-clearance mechanism, which is in there."

The Democrat continued, "So, yeah, I think that at this court just didn't want to go anywhere near it and is saying Congress has to deal with it, knowing that the Congress has split because there's a very narrow Republican majority in the House and the narrow Democratic majority in the Senate."

Raskin closed, "Mike Johnson and the leadership of the GOP are very clearly under the spell of Donald Trump and they would probably do everything they could to keep this from going to the floor."