Trump Says NC's Lt. Gov Mark Robinson is Better Than Martin Luther King

Donald Trump has been wooing Black voters during this campaign season. He is doing it, though, in his unusual and racist fashion. He recently claimed that African American voters should like him because he is selling sneakers and has 91 indictments against him. 

Trump again made ridiculous comments during a recent rally in North Carolina. He was talking about the state's Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson. According to Trump, Robinson is even better than Martin Luther King. 

The former President told the assembled, "But, you know, I heard him coming in on the plane, I was listening, and I said to the people in the plane, ‘Watch this, this is Martin Luther King on steroids.’ Okay?"

Trump continued:

"Now, I told that, I told that to Mark. I said, ‘I think you’re better than Martin Luther King. I think you are Martin Luther King times two.’ And he looked at me and I wasn’t sure, was he angry, because that’s a terrible thing to say? Or was he complimented? I have never figured it out."

The Republican candidate closed his remarks, "But I’m telling you, he’s more than — right? When I said that to you, you looked like, I don’t know if I like that comment. You should like it because you are outstanding and you’re going to be the next governor. So that’s going to be very cool."