WATCH: Hannity Whines That Biden Wants to Give Out Free Beer, Birth Control and College

Donald Trump's radicalized Supreme Court used their power to overturn Roe vs. Wade, despite promises from many that they wouldn't. Conservatives might have gotten what they wanted, but they know it will hurt them. The results have already been seen in the special elections that have taken place since. 

Still, right-wing media has to do their best to spin the controversial decision by attacking Joe Biden. Sean Hannity tried to do so on Wednesday night and may have inadvertently cut an ad for the Biden campaign. 

The Fox host first attacked Kamala Harris, saying, "And to make matters worse, they’re not very keen on Kamala Harris either. According to a new poll, just one-third of voters and only 60% of Democrats think she would win a general election. And her favorability? Well, that’s similar to Biden’s – 10 points underwater. And Joe actually is one point higher in terms of approval."

Hannity then claimed that Biden, "has now resorted to very desperate pandering." The host continued: 

"You can’t make this up. How are they trying to attract young voters? With beer and birth control. Free beer. Free birth control. And I guess, free college tuition. Vote for us."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: