WATCH: Former Adviser Says Trump Should Pledge to Pardon Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden was found guilty on three felony accounts this week and that could land the President's son in prison. Joe Biden has pledged to respect the rule of law and refrain from pardoning his son even though that is in his own power. 

Donald Trump had no issue pardoning anyone who said a kind word about him while he was in office. Friends like Dinesh D'Souza, Joe Arpaio and Michael Flynn were all let off the hook by the 45th President. And former Trump adviser David Urban thinks the the Republican nominee should pledge to pardon Hunter Biden. 

Urban appeared on CNN Wednesday night and was asked by host Erica Hill, "President Biden said he will not pardon Hunter Biden. The White House wouldn't rule out a commutation of an eventual sentence. Do you see a difference between the two?"

The guest answered:

"I think that’s all too cute by half, Erica. You’re either gonna do it or you’re not gonna do it. Listen, what I’d like to see happen is I’d like to see President Trump come out with a statement saying, ‘Look, if Hunter Biden commits to a program of sobriety and inpatient or maybe outpatient, shows up, keeps his sobriety. I’ll pardon him.’ I’d love for President Trump to say that. It would be a magnanimous offer on his part, shows humanity, and really flip the tables on the Democrats."