WATCH: GOP Strategist Explains Why Muting Trump During Debate Won't Work

During the 2020 election season, Donald Trump had an embarrassing debate performance in which he regularly spoke over Joe Biden. Part of that was a strategy to throw Biden off his rhythm, and part of it was due to Trump's complete inability to control himself. 

Thanks in part to this performance, CNN has instituted several rules meant to stop Trump from interrupting his opponent, including the ability to mute the candidate's microphones. According to GOP strategist Susan Del Percio, that rule will not stop Trump from misbehaving. 

Del Percio told MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart:

"Also, with the muted mics only allowing them to be on when they're speaking, it will pose another challenge. Donald Trump isn't going to shut up just because the mic is muted. I think he will do everything he can to try and rattle Joe Biden and I hope Biden's ready for that because even if the rest of us can't hear it, my guess is there will have to be some kind of outtake moment moment from the debate from all of what Donald Trump said when the mic wasn't on."

The strategist continued by saying, "I think that's Donald Trump just trying to use probably the only thing that really shows the two men in an appearance issue between them. That is age. It's a very real thing, but when you blow it like that, Donald Trump just shows he's also not qualified because frankly, maybe Joe Biden stumbled a little, but at least he's not unhinged."