WATCH: GOP Chip Roy Tears Into Party Leader Mike Johnson

Current Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has one of the worst jobs in the country. He is constantly being pulled in all directions by the extremist Reps in the party. Even if he could get all of the Conservative members of the House on the same page, he still has to take his orders from Donald Trump. 

Then Johnson has to consider what happened to his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy. After seeking out the job for years, McCarthy was ousted by a few rogue members of his party less than a year after being named Speaker. 

And since he doesn't have control of his body, those under Johnson have no problem slamming their boss in public. That is just what Texas lawmaker Chip Roy did on Wednesday. 

The Texas Rep urged his fellow Republicans to vote against the bill, telling Steve Bannon's audience, "This is an embarrassment. Today, everybody listening to this show, light up your congressmen and congresswomen. Light them up, light up your senators. Tell them the truth, that they are risking the House majority if they vote for this bill."

Roy continued:

"You can't get everything you want. None of us would say you can. But dadgum it, we should get at least something significant in the fight. We should use our leverage, and Mike Johnson blew it when he walked away from a continuing resolution that we could have extended through this year to trigger the caps that we had put in place last year."