WATCH: Bill O'Reilly Claims That Donald Trump Isn't a Conservative

For most of his adult life, Donald Trump was a Democrat. The former President held fundraisers for Liberal candidates and even had a close relationship with Bill and Hilary Clinton. 

The businessman completely fell apart when Barack Obama was elected President and began to appeal to Conservatives. But Trump, by no means an educated man, doesn't seem to understand the history of Conservatism, though that doesn't matter to his supporters at all. 

Bill O'Reilly certainly understands this. The former Fox News personality recently asked Curt Mills, the head of The American Conservative:

"Donald Trump’s not a conservative. You know that, and if you don’t, read my book The United States of Trump. He’s never been a conservative. He couldn’t even tell you what the conservative philosophy is. He’s a dealmaker, but his supporters are largely right and ultra-right. They love him. Does it bother you as the director of The American Conservative that Trump isn’t really conservative?"

When Mills asked what O'Reilly thinks Trump is, the pundit responded, "I think he’s populist. I think he’s center-right for practical reasons. Best thing that Trump did in his four years outside of running the economy efficiently was the appointments to the Supreme Court. If Hillary Clinton had won the election, she would have loaded it up with liberal judges, and you think it’s bad now in the neighborhoods? What’s happening to New York City right as we speak because I’m here would be happening all over the country if Hillary Clinton had won and appointed those Supreme Court Justices.