WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Claims Jim Jordan Is An Accessory To Trump's Crimes

During a recent appearance on The Dean Obeidallah Show, Glenn Kirschner explained why he thinks Jim Jordan is an accessory after the fact to Donald Trump's crime. 

Jim Jordan has long been one of Trump's most ardent supporters. And Trump looks ready to pay back that support by backing Jordan's bid to become the next Speaker of the House. 

Jordan's bid isn't without controversy though. Kirschner told the Sirius XM host why he thinks the Ohio congressman could be facing legal problems. 

The former federal prosecutor said of Jordan, "And the only person who knows for sure whether there’s enough evidence to charge him is Jack Smith and his team. I’m quite sure they’ve been investigating the insurrectionists in Congress. Remember, 6 of them, they’re not all still in Congress, asked for pardons because they knew they’d committed crimes on and around January 6th and they wanted to get away with those crimes."

Kirschner continued:

"Jack Smith can’t turn a blind eye to all of that. So, you know, the other thing that Jim Jordan has absolutely been doing is trying to cover up and prevent Donald Trump from being held accountable for his crimes. In a very real sense, he’s been an accessory after the fact to Donald Trump’s crimes by creating this Mickey Mouse committee on the weaponization of government. So there I think there are any number of crimes that Jim Jordan may have committed. And I hope Jack Smith is going scorched earth after those crimes."