WATCH: Gerlado Says He's Embarrassed To Have Been Friends With Trump For So Long

During a Friday appearance on CNN, Geraldo Rivera tore into Donald Trump's racist rhetoric and said that he was embarrassed to have been friends with the former president for such a long time.

Trump and Rivera both became prominent New York City figures at around the same time. Trump as a businessman and Rivera as a journalist. And while Rivera often servedd as the more Liberal-leaning pundit on Fox, he frequently defended his old friend Donald. 

But those days are seemingly over. On CNN Friday night, Rivera reacted to comments made by a Trump spokesperson about immigrants tainting the blood of Americans. The former Fox host reacted:

"I think it’s vile. I think it’s disgusting. It’s very disappointing. To sink to that level, it’s for me a personal embarrassment that we were friends for so long. This language is racist, it is really disgusting, and, you know, some things cannot abide. We cannot abide certain things and he has crossed the line. I beseech his followers to listen to what he said about poison blood."

Rivera continued, "It is lowdown and dirty. Give me a break. You know, normal, everyday discourse? Who talks about poison blood? Who talks about that? Who says that an immigrant is poisoning— it is beyond. It really is beyond the beyond. It’s not— this is not appropriate discourse. This is not— this is not fair play. This is awful. Just awful."