WATCH: Fox News Calls Out Speaker Mike Johnson As Being 'Wildly Out Of Step'

During a weekend interview on Fox News, new Speaker Mike Johnson was asked about his history of supporting bans on birth control and IVF treatments. 

The 2022 mid-terms, which were supposed to be strong for the Republicans, saw Democrats come out in big numbers. The main issue motivating these voters was the recent repeal of Roe vs. Wade. The GOP knows this is a losing issue for them. 

Still, new Speaker Mike Johnson has supported not only bans on abortion but also bans on birth control. During the Fox spot, host Shannon Bream read to the congressman from Emily's List:

"He supported bans that would not only criminalize abortion but ban IVF treatments and common forms of birth control and that you voted against access to contraception. Is that an accurate assessment of where you are? Because that's not in step with the American people."

Johnson replied, "I've said very clearly I'm a Bible-believing Christian. I believe in the sanctity of every single human life. Listen, prior to the modern time, I mean until recently actually, almost all of our nation's leaders openly acknowledged that they were also Bible-believing Christians," he added. "I mean, this is not something that should cause great unrest, okay?"

Bream then pressed Johnson on his voting record. The Speaker responded that he didn't think he'd voted against any of these measures as a member of Congress.