WATCH: Legal Expert Explains How Ivanka's Deutsche Bank Connections Could Lead to Charges

While all 3 are involved in their father's businesses, Ivanka Trump has always been a bit different than her brothers Don Jr. and Eric. Unlike the eldest sons, Ivanka is married to a wealthy person and is not so dependent on her father. 

She is also treated with a different level of respect. Ivanka was given roles in Trump's administration where Donald Jr. and Eric were not. But like her brothers, Ivanka was called to testify this week in New York City. While that testimony has yet to happen, it is still expected. 

Over the weekend, MSNBC's Alex Witt asked legal expert Kristy Greenberg about how Ivanka's testimony could change the current case. 

"She is certainly going to be asked about these loans," Greenberg said. "She was the principal contact with Deutsche Bank, the largest lender to the Trump Organization, and really, she was involved in communicating what Donald Trump's net worth was. And Deutsche Bank has certain numbers that Donald Trump needed to continue to maintain as his net worth, in order to keep those loans. Expect testimony to be relevant as to that. With respect to Donald Trump, I anticipate his testimony is going to be deny, deny, deny."

After Witt asked about the potential legal ramifications, the legal expert continued, "So she would certainly have some exposure, potentially criminally for those kinds of statements making false statements, knowingly to a bank, that is a federal crime."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: