Maddow: Trump's Speeches are Either Incoherent or Pornographically Violent [VIDEO]

Over the last four years, Republicans have been fixated on Joe Biden's age and have argued that he is unfit for office. Those same Republicans, though, say nothing when Donald Trump has constant glitches and goes on rambling tangents during his speeches. 

The difference between the two men couldn't be more stark than it was this weekend. While Donald Trump was giving a nonsensical speech in Las Vegas, Joe Biden was honoring World War II veterans in France. 

During a segment on Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow dug into Trump's speech, saying, "I tried starting — started trying to do, is I tried to read the closed-captioning auto-generated transcripts of Trump's speeches. I don't think we should be carrying them live. It's knowing what he is saying."

She continued, "The fact that he chose to make this digression in land-locked Las Vegas telling people about the risk of sharks, like, where are the Las Vegas sharks? Are there freshwater sharks? Are they in the fountains in Las Vegas? Sharks, are they in the fountains in Las Vegas?"

Maddow then remarked

"The shark-boat thing, to me, I think it has two points of resonance. And one of them is, what the heck is he talking about? This is weird. This doesn't make any sense. He's really, really, frequently incoherent. And when he's not incoherent, he's speaking in terms that are like pornographically violent when he is trying to rile up his audience. I mean, he speaks in ways that I think would be shocking to a lot of Republican people if they could stand to listen to him longer than they do and if news organizations could responsibly broadcast more."