WATCH: Expert Explains How Rudy Giuliani Could End Up Using Public Defender

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is experiencing severe money problems and could potentially have issues finding a lawyer willing to defend him. 

Giuliani is deeply tied to Donald Trump's current legal issues. Trump has been able to convince his supporters to pay his legal fees. The former NYC Mayor is not so fortunate. Giuliani has long had money issues and is currently being sued by lawyer Robert Costello for failing to pay his bills. 

Joy Reid discussed the issue on her Tuesday night show, asking legal expert Barbara McQuade, "If his lawyer is suing him, is there a world in which no one will represent him and he could end up with a public defender? And how would the lawsuit play into his needing to be in court for his own case?"

"He does have to show, to get a public defender, he would have to reveal all of his finances," McQuade responded. "He would have to show that he is at the level of indigency that he cannot afford to pay a lawyer to represent him in the case."

The former US Attorney continued:

"And so, I think that he would have to show he's in the former category before he would ever get a public defender appointed for him. And yes, in a criminal case, you do have to be present, so he has to show up, and if he can make out the case, he would get a public defender. But I think he's been aspiring to the gold-plated defense, wanting to spend as if he has limitless funds and that appears to no longer be the case."