WATCH: Ex-Trump Lawyer Explains Why Alina Habba's Legal Career is in Extreme Danger

Alina Habba is the latest in a long line of lawyers who have represented Donald Trump over the years. Habba hasn't exactly shined at the former President's lawyer, but that may not matter. No one would be surprised if Habba ends up as a Fox News host in the near future. 

Ty Cobb also has experience representing Donald Trump and he did so when the former President was still in office. He appeared on Alex Witt's MSNBC show this weekend and was asked about Habba. 

The host asked the lawyer, "What is your assessment of how she has handled this case, and the vulnerabilities that come with this financial pickle that Trump has found himself in?"

"Well, I think that her lawyering skills have been probably appropriately assessed by most commentators," Cobb responded. "She had great difficulty in the E. Jean Carroll case, getting simple documents into evidence, getting questions asked and answered, notwithstanding the efforts to assist her by the judge."

The lawyer continued:

"In the 400+ million dollar case overseen by Judge Engoron, she was quite disrespectful. One of her clients... pled guilty to perjury in that case. Subsequently so, I think you see some pretty extreme danger down the road for her, I think, in terms of the ability to continue on the federal court stage or the high-profile stage."