WATCH: Hannity Suggest Biden's Dog Needs to Be Put Down

Sean Hannity's complete and utter lack of any shame has been an asset for Fox News and Conservative media. No matter what awful thing a Republican lawmaker has done, the host is more than happy to have them on his show and offer them some cover. 

Last week, Krisiti Noem bragged about killing her dog for acting like a dog. Condemnation was swift from both the right and left. Noem, once a contender for the Vice Presidency, now seems destined for the dust bin of history. But Hannity attempted to redeem her by inviting her on Wednesday night. 

Hannity gave the South Dakota Governor the space to claim that she had shot a dog, not a puppy, because that is somehow better.  As per usual, Fox News tried to both sides the issue by attacking Joe Biden. 

Hannity told viewers, "You know, I was shocked when we learned that Joe Biden, and he has a German Shepherd, that when all is said and done, 24 Secret Service agents were bitten by a German Shepherd, by a big dog."

The shameless Fox host continued:

"Initially, we heard, okay, maybe one Secret Service agent, maybe three, and then at one point we read 24? In that particular case, if somebody is biting people in large numbers like that, it’s a sad thing to do but at some point doesn’t it become the responsible thing for the safety of others that you don’t allow a dog at least around anybody else? At the very least?"