WATCH: Ex-GOP Strategist Explains How Alabama Situation is 'Kryptonite' for Republican Party

When the Supreme Court reversed the decision on Roe vs. Wade, activists spoke out, saying that extremist Republicans would not stop there. And that was revealed this week when the Alabama Supreme Court ruled on IVF. As a result, clinics around the state have stopped performing the procedure. 

The abortion ruling has already proved unpopular for the GOP and has clearly been costly in the elections that have occurred since then. The party, though, seems to be doubling down on their efforts and Tara Setmeyer says that will be their kryptonite. 

The former GOP strategist made the comment during an appearance on Michael Steele's MSNBC show. "Listen, this is another example of a kryptonite issue for Republicans," she said. "They know that the majority of the American people are pro-choice and the overwhelming majority of people are pro-IVF, including their own constituents in the Republican Party, including the evangelicals who overwhelmingly support IVF."

Setmeyer continued:

"There have been 8 million babies born through IVF in this country. So according to this Alabama Supreme Court ruling, I guess then, all of those babies and all of those families who have had the gift of life, thanks to this technology, should not have been born. And all those people who were looking forward to have children that suffer from infertility, which is over 6 million women in this country, they just shouldn't have that opportunity."