Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls For NYC Trump Judge to Be Disrobed

Since Donald Trump has been in office, GOP lawmakers have changed the way they speak about American institutions. Anything perceived to be an attack on Donald Trump means that whoever is in charge is attacking the former President. It doesn't matter if they are judges or district attorneys or politicians. 

Judge Artur Engoran recently ruled again the Trump Organization and ordered the company to pay a fine of $354 million. Republican pundits have howled about the penalty, but they haven't done anything to argue against the charges that had been made against Trump. 

Nobody attacks the enemies of Trump more than Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. And this can lead to embarrassing comments like the one that Greene made on her Twitter account on Thursday. 

"Judge Engeron should be disrobed and thrown out, he’s a disgrace," she tweeted. "Mar-a-lago in 1981 was only a home, today it is one of the most exclusive social clubs in the world. Mar-a-lago is worth more now than the ridiculous judgement he ruled against Pres Trump!"

Greene, of course, meant to write that Engeron should  be disbarred. And as for the valuation of Mar-a-Lago, the low valuation is whats on federal record. A higher estimate would cost Trump millions in taxes.