WATCH: Donald Trump Claims That Joe Biden Lies About His Golf Game

Several United States Presidents, like many people around the country, enjoy playing golf in their downtime. Joe Biden is no different. He plays the sport when he has time, but he doesn't have much time because he has quite a busy job. 

For Donald Trump, golf comes before anything else. The former President lives on a golf course and plays seemingly anytime he can. 

Trump recently boasted that he has won the club championship at Mar-a-Lago again. The funny thing about the claim is that he is a notorious cheater, such a cheater that books have been written about it. Biden mocked the boast, sarcastically writing, "Congratulations, Donald. Quite the accomplishment."

This insult stuck in Trump's craw enough that he recently blasted Biden's gold game, saying:

"Right here, Biden made a claim that inflation under Trump was 9%, when it wasn’t; it was a tiny fraction. It was 1.4% and actually going down. But we had essentially almost no inflation, but we had 9% inflation — and that's a fake number because not everything was included — with Biden. And if you add it all up, I think it's a 50% inflation tax. I call it the ‘Biden Inflation Tax.' So, he lies, and he lies about everything, including his golf game. Because he can't hit a ball. He can't hit a ball 100 yards."

Watch a clip of Trump's comments below: