Morning Joe Panel Explains Why Biden's Mockery of Trump is Working

Ever since he entered the world of politics and even beforehand, Donald Trump has been the subject of constant mockery on late-night shows, and it drives the thin-skinned former President crazy. He constantly complains about Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel and the other hosts who poke fun at him. 

For some reason, political opponents haven't made anywhere near as much fun of Trump's ridiculous behavior as they should. But Joe Biden is starting to really go after Trump and according to the Morning Joe panel, it's working.

Joe Scarborough began:

Joe Biden is doing something... that nobody has done to Donald Trump in all of his years in politics. He's taking it to him every day. He's mocking and ridiculing him. Donald Trump can't put up anymore that he cheated to win his club championship anymore without Biden making a fool of him. Everywhere he moves, Biden and his campaign are just tweaking him, mocking him, and suddenly this bully isn't looking so tough."

Eugene Robinson then weighed in, "Don't underestimate the mocking. This is really, you know, a lot of people sort of question that at first, is this really the right line for the Biden campaign to take? I think we can now say, yes, it is. It's a very promising line for the Biden campaign to take and it drives Donald Trump crazy."

"He's going to get increasingly frantic, increasingly cornered by all these court cases by all the money he has to put up," Robinson continued. "And this is a bad period in this campaign for Donald Trump and I think there's every reason to expect that it's going to get worse."