WATCH: CNN Anchor Berman Takes Apart Ramaswamy's Excuses for Donald Trump

Despite attempting to win the Republican nomination in 2024, Vivek Ramaswamy managed to stay in Donald Trump's good graces. In fact, the former candidate now acts as a surrogate for Trump, appearing on cable news and arguing on the former President's behalf. 

That is what Ramaswamy was doing on Wednesday morning. But when the spokesperson complained about how CNN was handling the upcoming debate between Trump and Joe Biden, host John Berman deftly swatted away the complaints. 

Ramaswamy complained

"Hosted by CNN, in Atlanta, without a live audience, would be the equivalent of Joe Biden agreeing to do a Fox News hosted debate in Alabama with 3000 live audience members.

So I give Donald Trump a lot of credit for that. If you’re going to lead the country, you got to be able to show up. And that’s exactly what he’s doing."

Berman wanted no part of the spokesperson's complaining and replied

"Yeah. Look, every aspect of this debate was agreed to by the Trump campaign. And, you know, Jake and Dana are award-winning journalist who are relentlessly fair. They will do a fantastic job.

The only presidential candidate, Republican, to (laughs) lose Georgia in decades is Donald Trump. So Georgia is pretty friendly territory, or should be, at least for a Republican candidate."