WATCH: Adam Kinzinger Explains Why He's Backing Joe Biden Over 'Victim' Donald Trump

Following the 2020 attack on the United States capitol, many Republican lawmakers were quick to come out and condemn Donald Trump. As time went on, though, the vast majority of those Conservatives changed their tune and now act like the insurrection was no big deal. 

Former GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger hasn't changed his mind. He stepped away from the House of Representatives and has regularly slammed Trump. On Wednesday, Kinzinger came out in support of Joe Biden. 

During an appearance on CNN, the former Rep. explained:

"But to me it wasn't much of a — I didn't have to look in the mirror and look into my soul or anything like that. I have spent the last few years on a committee, the last couple of years in Congress, looking at the direct link between Donald Trump and what happened on that terrible day. And I hear the acidity, the acrimony that comes out of, you know, many people who are supporting Donald Trump and some of the people around Donald Trump, because he's created a culture of, just, anger and division."

Kinzinger would continue

"For me it wasn't a hard thing to say, look, I really put a lot on the line when I decided to go on the January 6 committee, I'll do it at this [point] because this is truly the most important election of my lifetime. And I want, like I said, my kid Christian, to be raised in a country where decency in the greatest office in the land is still something that people look up on and not have a president that continues to punch down because he's such a whiny weak victim that he's scared to death of anybody that says anything mean about him, like Donald Trump does."