WATCH: Claire McCaskill Dares Conservative Justices To Put Trump Immunity in Writing

Donald Trump has desperately tried to delay his numerous court cases, but several of them are now moving forward. The former President thinks he may still have an ace in the hole with the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court. He wants those justices to declare him immune from prosecution. 

This week, a group of high-ranking retired military officials sent a letter to the Supreme Court urging the body to deny Trump's claim of immunity. Claire McCaskill appeared on Nicolle Wallace's show on Monday night to discuss the issue. 

The former Democratic Senator told the host, "What he (Trump) is asking America to turn into is those countries that we looked sideways at and thought, 'Well, how could that happen? How could the military be protecting thugs and crooks in a corrupt government? How could the military be arresting innocent people and putting them in prison because they're a political opponent? That would never happen in America.' That is what Donald Trump is asking for. He is asking for that ability."

McCaskill then turned her attention to two of the most extreme Justices on the Supreme Court. "I dare [Justices Samuel] Alito and Clarence Thomas to actually say in written form that a president can break the law and nothing can be done. I dare them. Because that would really be the bottom of the freaking barrel."