WATCH: Chris Hayes Savagely Mocks Trump for Sleeping in Courtroom

The Republican party, especially in the age of Donald Trump, is all about projection. During the 2020 Presidential campaign, the 45th President mocked his opponent Joe Biden as old and feeble. He even coined the name 'Sleepy Joe' for the Democrat. 

So it was funny to hear that Trump, during his Monday trial appearance in New York City, reportedly fell asleep during the hearings. Chris Hayes couldn't get enough of the irony on tonight's MSNBC broadcast. 

I feel like if you call your opponent ‘Sleepy Joe,’ you have one job for the rest of the campaign,” Hayes quipped. “You gotta like, Clockwork Orange those puppies open at all times."

The broadcaster continued:

"I really can’t think of a thing that’s more nightmarish in some ways for him at a personal level. You don’t have the stimulus, you’re not getting ego bumps from some social media replies. And you just gotta sit there and watch this day after day. I mean this was day one. This is weeks and weeks of this. So just at the most sort of human level, I was just watching the reports today and thinking about just the sheer psychological torture."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: