WATCH: Eric Swalwell Rips GOP Reps For Attending Trump Trial Instead of Working

Donald Trump hasn't been hitting the campaign too hard. Unfortunately for the former President, most of his days has been spent in a New York City courtroom. Luckily for Trump, many Republicans have shown up to his trial in an attempt to grovel for his approval. 

Thursday was a particularly busy day at the courthouse as 9 GOP members of Congress were in attendance seeking attention and attacking Trump's opponents. Democrat Eric Swalwell mocked these lawmakers from the House floor on Thursday.  

Swalwell remarked:

"Well, it’s nice to see that some of my colleagues on the other side can make it today. I don’t know if that means there weren’t enough seats in the courtroom in New York. But, I know the Oversight Committee canceled the meeting that was supposed to happen right now on this same matter so that they could be at the president’s trial. Some members will miss this vote ’cause they want to be at the president’s trial, and I don’t think anything could animate the phrase ‘do nothing Congress’ more than missing votes and canceling hearings to go up and be a spectator at your cult leader’s trial. That is the definition of ‘Do-nothing Congress.'"