WATCH: Charlie Sykes Says Debate Will Show That Trump "Knows Nothing" About Issues

Joe Biden has spent the last week diligently preparing for his debate with Donald Trump. The rules will certainly favor the current President as Trump won't have an audience and his microphone can be cut off when he interrupts. It is also likely that Trump hasn't done much preparation for the event. 

Still, Trump agreed to the debate terms, and unless he drops out, he will have to follow him. During this debate, Charlie Sykes argued, the 45th President will show the country just how little he knows about the country's issues. 

The Conservative said on Morning Joe Thursday morning, "Keep in mind, if you have a 90-minute debate in which the temperature is low, one thing we're going to discover or be reminded about Donald Trump is that he doesn't really know anything about anything."

Sykes continued, "now I don't think this debate is going to turn on policy or substance, but if it does, think about it, how much does Donald Trump know about substance and policy? How many questions can he answer about substance and policy? At his rallies, interviews, think about what he actually talks about."

The pundit closed: 

"I mean, he's doing this non-prep where he is doing softball interviews and doing the rallies. Listen to what he says when he is unscripted. Listen to what he says when he's, you know, off the hook. You know, I'll be fascinated by seeing, you know, how does Donald Trump react to not having an audience? How does Donald Trump react to actually having hostile interviewers? How does Donald Trump have to react when he is trying to pretend or be the reality star who wants people to think he's presidential?"