Dem Rep Garcia Torches Ivanka Trump Over China Connections

This time around, Ivanka Trump wants nothing to do with her Father's campaign for President. While she served as an important advisor the first time around, the 45th President's progeny is no longer interested in taking the slings and arrows that go along with being related to him. 

But while Republicans have focused nearly all their energy on Hunter Biden, they have ignored the things Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have done with other countries. 

"Now, we all know that the Constitution has a specific prohibition from receiving payments from foreign governments," Garcia began.  "Our committee, this committee actually had an investigation that documented cash flowing directly from the Chinese government, state-owned businesses, into the businesses and pockets of the Trump family. Here is just some of that. We know that the People’s Republic of China, including state-owned enterprises, sent more than 5.5 million to the Trump Organization."

The Rep. continued: 

"The Chinese government suddenly reversed long-standing policies and awarded Trump 38 new trademarks in China for industries related to restaurants and advertising. And of course, this went beyond just Donald Trump himself. In April of 2017, with Trump’s White House in chaos, many people, including the Chinese government, were all trying to gain influence. During this time, Ivanka Trump was working in the White House, got preliminary approval for three Chinese trademarks on the same day that Donald Trump had dinner with XI Jinping at Mar-A-Lago. And remember, Ivanka never divested her company while she was working in the White House. Now, President Trump also overuled our own security officials in our own government and publicly promised to save jobs at the Chinese government telecom company, which was facing sanctions. And the list goes on and on and on."